Propane Tent Heater

The most popular outdoor heater is the propane tent heater. Featuring automatic safety shut-off mechanisms and heat generation without an open flame, make them the safest camping tent heater currently available. They come in a few different configurations, and some are better for larger spaces while others are more suited for smaller areas. The most common brand is Coleman, but the most popular brand amongst the hardcore campers is Mr Heater. They specialize in outdoor heating and their portable Mr Buddy heater is likely the best propane tent heater available. It runs off of standard 16.4 oz disposable propane tanks and it has all the best safety features built into it.

Propane Tent Heater Safety

The 2 biggest safety concerns with propane tent heaters is, 1, the obvious fact of burning the tent down, and 2, the depletion of available oxygen. Though it is never actually recommended to sleep in a confined space with a propane heater on without ample ventialltion, many of the best propane tent heaters, such as the Mr Heater series, have built-in safety features that are designed to combat these concerns.

3 Safety Points to Consider

You'll want to ensure that the propane tent heater you are considering passes the following check list.

  • Does not use an open flame.
  • Has a built-in O2 sensor that will automatically shut the unit off if oxygen levels drop below a safe level.
  • Has a "Tip-Over" automatic shut-off mechanism that will automatically shut the unit off if it is knocked over.

Many Uses for the Camping Tent Heater

The camping tent heater is also not just for tents and ice fishing. Hunters also use them quite regularly. From duck blinds to tree stands, a good propane tent heater can make all the difference between an awesome day in the field, and a teeth-chattering miserable one. A propane tent heater keeps a hunter's hands warm in the cold temperatures of the outdoors. The camping tent heater is great for hunting out of a portable shelter, out in the open or in a tree stand.

Propane Tent Heater Versatility

Other uses for a propane tent heater are for outdoor get-together events where people will be outside when the temperature is lower than what is comfortable for them. A portable heater can easily be set up by itself or multiple units can be placed around a patio, atrium or any outdoor area to heat the air around them to help keep the people gathering together outdoors warm. Granted a propane tent heater is designed primarily for use inside a tent or similar environment, they will radiate enough heat to be used in an outdoor situation.

Whether you are a camper, fisherman, hunter or are hosting a party or gathering, a propane tent heater will make the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable environment for any outdoor activity. A camping tent heater can definitely be used for more than just heating the inside of a tent.

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