Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater

Mr Heater Big Buddy Mh18B Camping Tent Heater

The largest of the “Buddy” series is the Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater. This is the “big-boy” of the product-line and will provide about as much heating power as you could ever possibly want for even the largest camping tents.

The “Big Buddy” offers all the same great benefits and unique safety features as the regular Mr Heater Buddy MH9BX Camping Tent Heater, but with double the power, and an in integrated blower fan that helps evenly distribute all that heat.

Like all the Mr Heater tent heaters, the Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater has a buit-in “Piezo-type” ignition system, a low oxygen shut-off mechanism, accidental tip-over shut-off, and will automatically turn itself off if the pilot light is extinguished.

Big Buddy Heat RiseThe Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater can heat a room of up to 400 square feet in area at its very powerful 18,000 BTU maximum output setting. It can run on either duel 16.4-oz disposable propane cylinders or multiple larger refillable propane tanks. On two 20# propane cylinders you can get about 220 hours of continual use on its highest settings (that’s 9 days!). On two 16.4-oz disposable cylinders you can expect to get about 3-hours of run-time on “Hi”, and 12-hours on “Low”. The built-in blower fan will optionally run on either AC (if it’s available) or 4 D-cell batteries.

Big Buddy Safety Features

The Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater can detect when oxygen levels become dangerously low and will shut its heating elements off automatically. This is especially beneficial if you use it in an enclosed area that has well sealed doors and windows where air is not circulating freely, or at least, not circulating fast enough to be replenished before the heater uses up the oxygen. This feature alone is what makes the Mr Heater Buddy series such great tent heater options.

The Mr Heater Big Buddy also has built-in mechanisms that will automatically shut the unit down if it is tipped-over or the pilot light goes out. These are features you just don’t find in other camping tent heater brands.

Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater Review

A Very High Heat Output

The Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater has a very high heat output of 18,000 BTUs at its maximum setting. However, it can also be used at its lowest setting of just 4,000 BTUs if preferred, which is the same minimum output level as the regular size Buddy heater. This gives the heater a wide range of flexibility that makes it ideal for use as a heater in small areas and tents as well as very large spaces. It also incorporates multi-position heat settings that let you keep the room temperature to your ideal level – not too hot and not too cold.

Features and Specifications

  • It has three heat settings of 4,000, 9,000 and 18,000 BTU’s.
  • The heat level control knob is large enough to make it easy to use with gloved hands.
  • Built-in “push-button” piezo ignition system
  • Automatically shuts itself off if: low oxygen level is detected, unit is tipped-over, or the pilot light is extinguished.
  • Will run on either 16.4-oz disposable propane cylinders or larger refillable propane tanks.
  • Integrated blower fan will run on either 4 D batteries or A/C power
  • Features key-shaped rear mounting holes for optionally mounting on a wall
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Dimensions: 17″ x 10″ x 17.5″ inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds.

Mr Heater Big Buddy Tent Heater

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I was able to find 129 verified customer reviews on the Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B Heater across the major online retail stores. On an averaged 5 star rating system, the “Big Buddy” scores 4 stars.

With so many reviews to sort through, picking the “useful” ones from all the noise took some time. The majority were very positive but there were a few negative reviews as well.

Such as…

… If you bump it gently, it shuts off. It appears to be very well made, but the safety features make it temperamental.

Though annoying, this is probably actually a good thing – it lets you know that the “tip-over” safety shut-off mechanism is working properly, and you probably shouldn’t be “bumping it” while it’s on anyway.

Another, more current review, actually countered that one…

… Claims about the unit shutting itself off over a slight physical disturbance are not consistent with my experience either… My unit shut down only once and that was when my daughter kicked it with her foot pretty good.

As mentioned, the majority of the reviews were the typical “positive” reviews that often read more like a testimonial than an actual product review…

…This heater is what I would consider the best “bang for the buck”. I have used the Buddy Heater to both heat my camper and my fish house and it works just as well as the box says it will.

…It is an excellent unit and because of the horrific weather we encountered… It was truly the Rock Star among all of our equipment

… I bought this heater for tent camping. It puts out a ton of heat. When it was about 40 degrees out, I used this heater on low and I had to partially unzip the windows and door of my three person tent in order to stay comfortable.

… My husband bought this heater as an alternate heat source for his hunting cabin. He said it did a fantastic job. It was cold and windy outside but he stayed warm and comfortable.

… this product is awesome b/c of how portable it is, simple functionality and utility

… after 2 years of use, I still highly recommend this heater.

…it does wonders. It’s well built and I would recommend it to others.

I too would certainly recommend this the Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B heater as an excellent, safe camping tent heater option but would also suggest that you compare it carefully to the standard, single-tank Mr Heater Buddy MH9BX as you may be able to save a few bucks if your primary use will be for smaller tents and enclosures (200 square feet or less).

You can easily compare them side-by-side on our Best Large Tent Heaters comparison page.

Best Price & Availability

Some hardware stores and outdoor equipment retailers occasionally carry Mr Heater Products but you will obviously find the best availability (as well as the best price) online. Nine-times-out-of-ten, you’ll get the best price on the Mr Heater Big Buddy MH18B heater at this link here.

Mr Heater Big Buddy Mh18B Best Price

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