Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater

The Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater (model F215100 MH4B) is a lightweight portable heater that packs a little more power than the Coleman models and has some additional built-in safety features that make it a good choice for enclosed spaces like camping tents, fishing shelters, and hunting blinds.

Like the other small tent heater models, it uses standard 16.4 ounce disposable propane cylinders, and each cylinder will last 5-1/2 hours on average. It is designed to safely and efficiently heat an enclosed area of up to 100 square feet in area. It uses a 45 degree angle of direction for its heat output for maximum efficiency.

One thing that sets Mr. Heater tent heaters apart from the other brands is the additional safety features they offer. The Mr. Heater Little Buddy tent heater incorporates several safety features, such as an accidental tip-over mechanism that shuts off the heater should it be accidentally knocked over and pilot-light extinguished auto shutoff that will turn the heater and propane off if the pilot light goes out for any reason.

Low Oxygen Sensor for Added Safety

My favorite safety feature of all Mr. Heater tent heater models is their integrated “Low-Oxygen Sensor” and shutoff system. Using a heater in a small enclosed space can be dangerous if there is not sufficient ventilation. This should not be a problem with using the heater in a tent with ample ventilation, for example, but it could be a problem if it is used in places where doors and windows are sealed well (like camper shells), preventing oxygen getting in to renew the oxygen being burned. The Mr. Heater Little buddy takes care of this for you, however. Before the oxygen in a confined space is depleted to a low, and therefore potentially dangerous, level, the Little Buddy will automatically shut down to maintain a safe oxygen level.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater Review

The Little Buddy Offers 25% More Heating Power Than Comparable Tent Heaters

Another plus to this tent heater is that the Mr. Heater Little Buddy delivers 3,800 BTU of heat which is 25% more heat than comparable catalytic heaters in this class. The downside to this is that it uses fuel more quickly, but it is quiet and it burns efficiently and cleanly. In fact, it is practically 100% efficient.

Features and Specifications of the Mr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater

  • The Mr. Heater Little Buddy tent heater is a portable propane heater safe for use indoors.
  • It can be used in rooms that measure up to 100 square feet in floor area.
  • Will provide continuous odor-free heat for up to 5-1/2 hours.
  • Features a 45-degree heating angle.
  • Has simple on/off button.
  • Runs on regular 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinders that are available most anywhere.
  • Incorporates a low-oxygen sensor for safety.
  • Has an accidental tip-over switch that triggers an auto shut-off feature for safety.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy Customer Reviews

Customer reviews were a little hard to find for the Mr. Heater Little Buddy…it’s constantly turning off at the slightest bump

In his case he was using the Little Buddy in a golf cart and the bouncing around was tripping the “auto-tip-over” safety shut off. It’s important to understand that the Little Buddy heater is designed for stationary use in enclosed spaces – and the fact that it was shutting off at the “slightest bump” should be a relief to anyone considering buying this heater that the safety features do, in fact, work so well.

A few other user reviews noted…

…Mr. Heater little buddy was everything I wanted. I’ve used it in my deer blind for 2 years now and couldn’t be happier.

…heater works as described! Perfect for a small tent or hunting stand. Very compact and easy to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another unit in the future!

…Heat immediately! That means alot on the ice. My old heaters are now in storage

…The push-button lighting feature is great. Overall I recommend this product.

…little buddy heater is very quiet and safe, when tipped over it shuts off by itself. Easy to start and shut off.

Overall the Mr. Heater Little Buddy tent heater functions well and does a good job of heating small spaces like hunting blinds, fishing shelters, camper shells, and camping tents, up to about 100 square feet. Though the Little Buddy offers a little more heating power than comparable small tent heaters in its class, it’s really the additional safety features that set this tent heater apart in my opinion.

As with the majority of the customer reviews I was able to find, I too feel quite comfortable recommending the Mr Heater Little Buddy tent heater.

Best Price & Availability

Finding the Little Buddy tent heater in stock can be a bit of a chore at times as not many retailers stock it, and the ones that do seem to constantly be sold out. Some local outdoor equipment & sporting goods stores occasionally carry it but you will have a much easier time buying it online (where 9 times out of 10 you’ll also get the best price). The best availability and price at the time of this writing can be found at this link here.

Mr Heater Little Buddy Best Price

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